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How Much Sildenafil Is Too much? All You Need To Know With CBP

Doubling the sildenafil should increase your pleasure, right? Not at all. Not at all, in actuality.

Does Viagra make you last longer in bed? It’s a common misconception that taking more sildenafil than what is recommended can make an erection more firm and/or last longer. In fact, it might even make side effects more likely.

Numerous instances of persons taking more Viagra than is advised have been documented. The hazards are unknown, although excessive users frequently have retinal toxicity, an eye condition. As a result of harm to the cells in his eyes responsible for colour vision, he may experience flashes of light, red-tinted vision, and blurry vision (Yanoga, 2018).

Does Viagra have side effects at higher doses? When you stop using the medicine, these problems might go away, but some people experience long-term damage. How much Sildenafil is too much? Read to learn more about it with Chewbluepill.

How Much Sildenafil Should I Take

You should only take the recommended dose of sildenafil that your doctor has advised. Additionally, sildenafil should not be taken more than once per 24 hours. To gauge how well you respond, your doctor will likely start you on a 50 mg dose of the drug. If you encounter side effects, your healthcare practitioner may increase your dose to 100 mg or lower it to 25 mg.

Sildenafil can be taken up to four hours before sex, although it should be taken at least 30 minutes before. Discuss your choices with your doctor, how much Sildenafil is too much? If the first dose of sildenafil wasn’t effective, don’t take another one.

If you wait, sildenafil’s effect can become stronger if you take it less than 30 minutes before sex. However, if it still doesn’t function well enough for you to engage in sexual activity, your doctor may determine a different dose or medicine altogether is the best option for you.

Your risk of experiencing adverse effects can rise if you take more than is advised.

Apart from this, is it safe to take Viagra more than the advised dosage? It may result in priapism, a more dangerous condition. This disorder can harm your penis permanently and is essentially an erection that lasts longer than usual.

Before taking Sildenafil, must read what are the long term effects of Viagra? You should seek medical attention as soon as your erection persists for more than a few hours.

It’s also important to remember that taking additional sildenafil won’t help you if you experience problems with arousal during sexual activity.

To reiterate, sildenafil does not aid in arousal. Simply said, it makes the right conditions for an erection to occur when arousal occurs.

So, how often can you take Viagra? To improve outcomes while taking sildenafil, you can also attempt a few additional therapies. The vacuum erection device is one choice; it greatly enhanced erections in diabetic men who had previously failed to respond to medicine alone (Sun, 2014).

Low vs High Dose Of Sildenafil

What is the lowest dose of Sildenafil or how much Sildenafil is too much? Modest-dosage sildenafil is often only used in specific situations, and a dose of 25 mg is regarded as a low dose. Low-dosage sildenafil may be suggested if you’re over 65 or if you’ve ever had negative effects from taking the recommended dose of Viagra starting with (50 mg) (FDA, 2014).

Your doctor could advise low-dose sildenafil if you have renal or liver problems or are using specific drugs. A mechanism called CYP3A4 helps your liver break down sildenafil. Some drugs interfere with this mechanism, slowing down how quickly your body can eliminate substances like sildenafil. This might lead to sildenafil levels in your body to rise, thereby raising your risk of side effects of Viagra, even at low doses.

Although researchers have successfully treated severe erectile dysfunction with doses as high as 200 mg, more research is required. People who had previously not reacted to this medicine were the focus of one short trial.

Only 13 out of the 54 patients (24.1%) saw an improvement in erectile dysfunction after using high-dose sildenafil. Even in patients who did not get alleviation from their ED, the answer to this is how much Sildenafil is too much, 63% of research participants experienced side effects such headaches and face flushes at the highest dose (McMahon, 2002).

Does taking too much Viagra make you dependent on it? And you are wondering, can you become dependent on Viagra? The side effects sometimes are so bad that some people, even among those for whom the medication worked concluded it wasn’t worth it.

Four (31%) of the 13 patients who did see success with the high-dose therapy refused to continue because of the side effects. To assist you in making the choice that is best for you, your healthcare professional will assess the benefits and drawbacks of treatment with these high doses.

So, the answer to your query is how much Sildenafil is too much, you should start consuming Sildenafil in smaller doses and then increase it according to your need. In order to buy Viagra online, one needs to know about a portal that is trustworthy enough. You would look to buy Viagra online In USA from a website that is discrete in packaging and convenient delivery only at Royal Pharmacy/ Chewbluepill.

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